Contributing to Proxool
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The latest version of Proxool is 0.9.1
You can donate to Proxool in the usual way:

How to contribute

You can contribute to the project in a number of ways:

  • Use Proxool and tell us about it.
  • Tell us what features you would like.
  • Tell us if you find a bug.
  • Check out the code from cvs, fix a bug and email Bill your changes.
  • Write documentation, examples, plug-ins, etc. and send them to Bill.
  • Code Style

    We use CheckStyle [] to enforce code styles, which supports the Sun Code Conventions [].

    We do have some exceptions however (for reasons of practicality). When we invoke checkstyle using ant then we use

            checkstyle.require.version = true
            checkstyle.javadoc.scope = nothing
            checkstyle.maxlinelen = 200
   = 4
  • javadocScope: We don't have @param declarations everywhere, and some dsocumentation is missing. Mostly this is trivial documentation that isn't really required. But it is one of our objectives to add all javadoc so that we can eventually remove this restriction.