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The latest version of Proxool is 0.9.1
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Proxool (before it was even known as Proxool) started off life as a connection pool for Findexa (formerly known as Telenor Media) back in early 2000. Findexa funded the development of it up to about May 2002.

Logical Cobwebs now help to maintain Proxool and have moved it to SourceForge.

People to credit: Bill Horsman (who wrote most of the original code and might be available for consultancy work), Christian Nedregard (for coding and strategic design), Lyndon Smith (for using it, providing useful feedback and bug fixes in the early days), Bas Cancrinus & Alastair Calderwood from Cipherware for their work on J2EE compliance, Martin Crawford for his suggestions, advice and DocBook work, Del Simmons for testing, Mark Eagle and Phil Barnes for our integration with Hibernate, Chris Nokleberg for his help in our use of Cglib, Nat Ng, and Mike Wilson. Finally, Bertrand Renuart for all his development work on the 0.9 release and wise words of advice.

We make use of several open source projects, most notably Cglib, and ASM, but also Ant, Avalon Excalibur, Avalon Framework, Checkstyle, Jakarta Commons, Crimson, Dom4j, Hibernate, Hypersonic, Junit, Log4J, LogKit and Xalan. Thanks to the people who worked on these projects

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Evil Gard is an underground Proxool Developer.