Introduction for Users
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This is the most recently released version. You can always get the latest code from cvs if you are brave enough.
The User Guide is aimed at people who want to use Proxool in their Java applications.

Quick Start

The simplest way of adding Proxool to your existing JDBC application.


How to configure your pool: ways to make it easier; changing the way the pool behaves.


A list of all the configurable properties and what they do.


How to log what you want where you want.


Measuring the performance of Proxool and your database.

Admin Servlet

A useful Servlet that will output the definition and performance of each pool.


Listening to events that happen to each pool.


Tips for setting up Proxool in a Servlet Container (like Tomcat for instance).

Simple API

Javadoc API of just the methods you need to use Proxool.

How it Works

A very simple description of how Proxool works.


How to implement Proxool as a DataSource.

Injectable Interfaces

How you can get access to the delegate JDBC driver's vendor specific methods.