Hints and tips
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The latest version of Proxool is 0.9.1
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Tip #1: - Admin Servlet

Running Proxool in a servlet environment? Why not make use of the Admin Servlet?

- See the configuration of all the registered pools

- See statistics on how many connections you've served or refused. And how fast. Decide whether you should increase the size of your pool.

- Keep track of each individual connection. Spot threads that are hogging connections.

Tip #2: - JMX

If you already run JMX you might find it useful to configure Proxool using it. All you have to do is configure one or two properties:

- jmx

- jmx-agent-id (optional)

Tip #3: - Configuration

You can run Proxool simply by changing the URL you use to connect to the database and including the necessary libraries (see download). But it is even easier to configure Proxool when your application starts up and then just pickup connections using the alias (you define the alias during configuration). If you are in a servlet environment then why not get the ServletConfigurator to do everything for you?

Tip #4: - Tracing

Proxool will log every SQL call you make if you ask it to (it's off by default for performance reasons). Use the trace property. You can either log it as you would anything else or implement your own listener and do whatever you like with it. It can be very useful for debugging.


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