How to test Proxool
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The latest version of Proxool is 0.9.1
You can donate to Proxool in the usual way:

We've written some unit tests so that we can automatically verify that everything is working okay. You can see the report.

You can run them too if you like. But please note, the tests deliberately create exceptions in order to test how Proxool handles failure situations - the log from these tests may well contain stack traces and error messages. These errors are expected and as long as the test passes it is okay.

First, you have to download the source code. See the download page.

From the top level directory in the unpacked source (the one containing the build.xml file) run the following target:

    ant test

This will run the JUnit Test Suite found in GlobalTest.

    java -classpath log4j.jar:crimson.jar org.apache.log4j.chainsaw.Main

(Use the correct paths for the classpath, obviously. And you can substitute any JAXP compliant XMLparser for crimson.jar.)

And then pass Ant the log4jPath property. For example:

    ant -log4jPath=src/java-test/org/logicalcobwebs/proxool/log4j-chainsaw.xml